How it Works

I want to open my services up to as wide a variety of people as possible, I also wish to keep the

application process as easy and straight forward as possible. I’m going to go into a little more

detail in this section as to what my clients should expect from my service and I’ll explain some of

the services I’m offering. I’ll start with an explanation of my services.

Net Free Service

Some people don’t trust the internet or computers. I’ve set my business up so it’s both online

and offline. It’s a little more work offline but if you choose to pay for the ‘net free service’ your

details will not be placed on a computer that is linked or plugged into the internet. Details will be

stored on a computer, but the computer will never be plugged in or linked into a modem, ie

nobody will be able to hack your information off it.

If you are a remote user, your email address only will be used online for the forwarding of mail

should you wish to opt for this service. We can hold mail securely for you until you return from

your trip and you come and collect it or we can forward it on to you.

Remote User

This is a client who doesn’t live near our premises or wishes to visit our premises but wants to

use our services. While I am based up in Ellesmere Port, near the Boat Museum, I am set up to

run your mail requirements from anywhere within the UK and can forward mail and parcels to

anywhere worldwide. Your account must have sufficient funds to cover your usage requirements.

Junk Mail Filter Service

We all hate junk mail, especially when you have to pay for someone else to handle it! So with

this service I will first inform the client that ‘You’ve got Mail’ with an added extra ‘Looks like Junk

Mail’. This is our judgment of what junk mail is and is not full proof. This is part of the junk mail

service charge, along with the disposal, if you want it disposed of it at this point. Should you want

it forwarded at this point the standard handling charges will apply.

Mail Boxes Pay Yearly & Pay Monthly

A lot of people work shifts these days, so I have built a secure mail room at our premises with

CCTV. You can then access your mail and parcels 24/7. In order to rent a mail box please print off

the Registration form and fill it out, ticking the relevant boxes for the type of service you

require. If you do not have facilities to print a form, please get in contact with us and we will be

happy to post one out to you. Please fill it in, ticking the relevant boxes and return the form along

with the payment and copy of your ID. When you register for a mail box you’ll be given a key fob

to gain access to the building and a mail box key. Both the Key and Key Fob must be returned at

the end of your custom in order to get your key deposit back. If during your custom you loose your

key or key fob, or both, a £15 fee will apply. This service is considered live from the date of set up.

Parcel Box

This service is only open to mail box customers. When a parcel arrives that’s too big for your

mail box, please see the Mail Box Sizes section, we will first inform you of its arrival and then

ask what date you’d like to collect it. We will then lock it in the Parcel Box and put the key along

with an envelop into your mail box. The client can then come in at their own convenience and

collect their goods. Having done so the key should then be put into the envelop and put through

our letterbox. There is a £1 per use charge for the parcel box.

Scanning and Forwarding for Mail box Customers

Should you wish to use these services as well, you may be away traveling for example, you will

need to complete the Authorisation Form. Please fill in and tick the relevant boxes for the

service you require.

Cancelling your Mail Box Subscription

If you change your mind or your circumstances change within the first 14 days and you haven’t

activated your account by using our services, a full refund will be given.

Following the activation of your account we do require one months notice in writing to cancel

your account/mail box. After your account has closed and we get mail for you we will contact you

to arrange to have it forwarded, charges will apply, or returned to sender. Please note that we are

here to provide a service and we will do our utmost to help our clients out, even if they have

moved on. In the event that we can’t get hold of an ex­client all mail will be ‘return to sender’.

Remote Users

This service can be paid for yearly or monthly depending on your circumstances. In order to apply

for a remote mail box, please print off the Registration form and the Authorisation Form.
Please fill in these forms and send them back with the relevant payment and a copy of at

least one form of photo ID, ie driving license or passport. If you are unable to print these forms off,

please get in contact with us and we will be happy to post them to you. With this account it

becomes activated when we receive the first piece of mail. Should you only wish to use our

services for one month you can also give notice to stop using our service at the time as applying

for it, you will get a months service from the date of the first piece of mail received.

Account Deposits

Every customer must have a small amount of money with us to run their accounts. If you are a

mail box user that only uses the mail box service then a £5 deposit is required as a back up

incase a client needs to use the parcel box or have a letter forwarded due to unforeseen

circumstances. If you are away on a long trip overseas, then a higher account deposit will be

necessary to cover your costs. This can be discussed when setting up your account. All deposit

monies are held in a separate account and as you use Greygables services your account will be

deducted the fees incurred at the end of every week. When you decide not to continue with our

service, any monies not used will be returned by either bank transferee, cheque or cash, what

ever you decide.


As a new company we are as yet unable to take payment over the phone. We do accept credit

and debit cards but in person only. Please see the Registration form for further details.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I hope it has helped you understand how this service

works and clarifies any questions you have had. If you do have any more questions please do not

hesitate to ask.

Thank you.

Download Word Doc Registration form or PDF Version Registration Form

Download Word Doc Autherisation Form (New) or PDF Version Authorisation Form

Download Word Doc Terms and Conditions or PDF Version Terms and Conditions

Download Word Doc Remote User Questionare or PDF Version Remote Users

Download Word Doc Mail Box Sizes or PDF Version Mailbox Sizes

Download Word Doc Price List or PDF Version Price List