Net Free Service

Some people don't trust the internet or computers. GreyGables has been set up so it's both online and offline. It's a little more work offline but if you choose to pay for the 'net free service' your details will not be placed on a computer that is linked or plugged into the internet. Details will be stored on a computer, but the computer will never be plugged in or linked into a modem, ie nobody will be able to hack your information off it.

  If you are a remote user, your email address only will be used online for the forwarding of mail should you wish to opt for this service. We can hold mail securely for each client or until we receive further instructions or the client collects it.



Download Word Doc Registration form or PDF Version Registration Form

Download Word Doc Terms and Conditions or PDF Version Terms and Conditions

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If you have any difficulties we will happily post you everything you need