Parcel Boxes

In the mail room is a parcel box. It is open for use by mail box customers only. When you have a

parcel arrive we will inform you of this and leave the parcel in the parcel box. The parcel box will

be locked and the key will be left ion your mail box. After retrieving the parcel, lock the parcel box,

put the key into the envelope provided and re­post it through our door.

The approximate size of the mail boxes are as follows:

9.5cm high, 3 ¾”.

29cm wide, 11¼”.

42cm deep, 16½”.

The approximate size of parcel box 1 is as follows:

109cm high, 42¾”

85cm wide, 33½”

40cm deep, 15¾”

Please note that these sizes are approximate.
More Parcel boxes will come if these are a popular item.