Parcel Boxes


This service is only open to mail box customers. When a parcel arrives that’s too big for your mail box, please see the MAIL BOX SIZES section, we will first inform you of its arrival and then ask what date you’d like to collect it. We will then lock it in the Parcel Box and put the key along with an envelope into your mail box. The client can then come in at their own convenience and collect their goods. Having done so the key should then be put into the envelope and put through our letterbox. There is a £1 per use charge for the parcel box.

The approximate size of the mail boxes are as follows:

9.5cm high, 3 ¾”.

29cm wide, 11¼”.

42cm deep, 16½”.

The approximate size of parcel box 1 is as follows:

109cm high, 42¾”

85cm wide, 33½”

40cm deep, 15¾”

Please note that these sizes are approximate.
More Parcel boxes will come if these are a popular item.